Validic Mobile is a set of libraries that enables healthcare organizations to easily integrate Bluetooth Smart devices, Apple’s HealthKit, and VitalSnap™ technologies into your existing iOS and Android mobile applications. Validic does not offer an application for an end user to download from the app store, but rather code that you can embed within your existing mobile applications.

High-Level Data Flow

Bluetooth Smart

Validic provides access to dozens of in-home health devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, thermometers, and heart rate monitors by connecting these devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, or Bluetooth Smart.


Validic provides access to the full breadth of data captured by Apple’s Health application. You can add  HealthKit support to your iOS app with only a few lines of code. We standardize and normalize Apple Health data, ensuring our customers receive consistent data formats from the Validic API regardless of the source.


VitalSnap™, Validic’s patent-pending, proprietary technology provides easy access to data from non-connected, or data-locked, devices - such as off-the-shelf glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters. Using the camera on a smartphone, VitalSnap captures and records information from the device’s display screen. For the patient, the data acquisition process is similar to depositing a check within a banking app. Once VitalSnap captures a health reading, the patient confirms the reading and the data is made available to you via the Validic API.